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Freuds+ sits at the heart of Freuds Group, a family of businesses with different expertise, united by a shared worldview and sense of mission.

In 2019, Freuds Group reoriented its organisational strategy to integrate the Sustainable Development Goals across our businesses, making them central to client counsel and dedicating £1million to pro-bono, Global Goals-focused work. But over the past few years, societies have had to confront some of the biggest challenges the planet has ever faced.

The world is changing and so must we. Freuds+ has an even sharper focus.

A healthy population is the cornerstone of a strong society, resilient public services, and a growing economy. When people enjoy good physical and mental health they can work, start businesses, save for the future, invest, and contribute to the economy and society.

Freuds+ has a collective intention to drive positive and meaningful social impact through behaviour change. This means putting improved individual and public health at the heart of everything we do. As well as aspiring to tackle inequality and create greater global fairness.

We believe that great organisations and individuals exist for a purpose beyond profit. Freuds+ has a mission to play a part in confronting these urgent global challenges. Nothing less.

By influencing entrenched behaviours, we strive to ensure individuals, businesses and communities can develop and prosper together.

We believe that change can only be harnessed through collaboration and connectivity.

We believe it for our clients, and we hold ourselves to the same standard.

How we create change

Our work for clients is based on their priorities but it is guided and informed by best-in-class behavioural change science and psychology. This work includes:

  • Major population level behaviour change programmes.
  • Big cultural moments and campaigns that shift the norm for a society and drive public acceptance and demand for policy changes that make lives better.
  • Purpose led partnerships that find the sweet spot between a company’s reason to be, an issue of concern for the public and a Governmental and societal need for change.
  • Backing the accelerators of change by working with tech innovators and platforms which are leading the way with product innovation that makes behaviour change simple, effective, and engaging.
  • Major contributions to the health, political, societal, and economic discourse, whether that’s at Davos, UNGA or COP, that provoke debate and initiate collaborations around the world.

The change we make

NHS, Covid-19 App

NHS, Be Clear On Cancer

Public Health England and Treatwell, Life Saving Wax

Alzheimer’s Research UK, Santa Forgot

Alzheimer’s Research UK & Deutsche Telekom, Sea Hero Quest

NHS, Every Mind Matters

Leeds City Council, #YouCanAdopt

WHO Foundation

NHS England x Rankin

Public Health England, Stoptober

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As part of the freuds Group, freuds+ is proud to be a certified B-Corp.

freuds group is the largest global communications company to “meet the highest standards of verified social and environmental performance, public transparency, and legal accountability to balance profit and purpose.”

In 2019, we reoriented our organisational strategy to integrate the SDGs across our business, making them central to client counsel and dedicating £1million to pro-bono, Global Goals-focused work.

In 2020, we took that commitment a step further by becoming the largest PR agency to earn B Corp status – a rigorous year-long process that ensured we met the highest standards of social and environmental performance, public transparency and legal accountability in balancing profit and purpose.